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Treat Your Loved Ones to German Quality


Lufthansa, Europe’s first 5 star airline, benefits from its German heritage in terms of consumer confidence in quality assurance, but consumers also associate German brands with cold and mechanical image. 



WE created a new proposition “Treat your loved ones to German quality”, which directly addresses the pain point of the target audience - too busy to spend time with family - and suggest a trip with German quality is the best gift for your loved ones.  A first ever made-for-China TVC named “Cab Driver” was created as the anchor for the integrated campaign, which includes digital, outdoor, print, consumer event, and social media.  This campaign ran from 2016 to 2017.



Brand tracking results indicate that the brand has increased in awareness and is considered more warm-hearted and caring compared to prior year results.  The topic also created a strong social buzz.

Lufthansa Cinema Activation
Lufthansa Cinema Activation
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Lufthansa Cab Driver TVC
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