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Bold Expert of Play in Calfornia


Lufthansa wants to be a more inspiring brand, changing its messages from product quality (premium) to experience quality (new premium); and changing its role from deliverer to enabler. The complete makeover of the brand includes changing the 100 year old crane logo and the entire set of brand identity. This campaign is an announcement of the brand attitude.



Say Yes to the World creative idea invites people to be open-minded when thinking about travel, and asks a series of questions to trigger consumers to think about what the world means to them.



Brand tracking results indicate that Lufthansa ranked No. 1 for First Choice among international airlines and also ranked No. 1 for “offers a high-quality travel experience” among international airlines.


Chinese consumers are well aware of California but not familiar with what unique experiences are available to entice them to consider California for their next vacation. Visit California campaign objective is to drive consideration  through education of unique experiences available in California.   



PLAY is a journey, PLAY is a goal. As a real bold player, it is never about superficial trial nor showing off, but the courage to challenge oneself, dig deep and experience. The playful Aarif Lee takes you to play bold all around California with his ride, to explore the more interesting California, and to pursue the infinite joy one can find in California.



WE Marketing Group signed up award winning singer/actor/songwriter Aarif Lee to become the new brand ambassador for Visit California in China. Aarif as the Bold Expert of Play in California takes you to experience road trip, farm-to-fork, and Hollywood culture in the most authentic and fun ways possible! 

The campaign consisting of TVC, social ads, content videos, H5 landing page, WeChat and Weibo content, KOL posts, pop up store, and “Same Route as Aarif” travel product was a big success.  Brand awareness reached a six year high and the percentage of people who are considering or planning to travel to California more than doubled compared to prior year.

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The 11th Tiger Roar awards (2020) 

Silver Award - Travel Vertical

Excellence Award - Integrated Marketing



Bronze Award - Vertical Industry Award - Integrated Campaign


The 11th Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Award (2019)

Bronze Award - Integrated Marketing


The 26th Great Wall Award (2019)

Silver Award - Integrated Campaign

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